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We help managers become leaders

by learning how to coach themselves.

Are you tired of...

Feeling overwhelmed and stressed?

You're the first one in the office in the morning and the last one to leave at night. Calls, texts, and emails light up your phone around the clock. Sometimes you feel like it's impossible to keep up at work, at home, and take care of yourself.

Spending all your time fixing other people's problems?

All day (and sometimes all night) your team and your bosses are relying on you to help them with their problems. You wonder if they are even aware that you have your own work (and life) to take care of.

Feeling stuck in the middle?

You work hard to take care of the people on your team and get the results your bosses expect. You know you can't control other people... but sometimes you wish you could. What you really want is to make a difference to the people around you.


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Learn to coach yourself

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Become a better leader

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Are you ready to become even better?

learn to coach yourself

When you learn to coach yourself, you'll be in control of you. When that happens, you can stop trying to get other people to do what they need to do. Imagine being a true leader — someone who's inspiring, motivating, and and influencing the people around you to follow your example and become better. Work will becomes easier. You have less stress and better relationships with the members of your team and your bosses. And because you're enjoying your work, you're also able to be engaged in what you love outside of work — your family, friends, passions, and health. 

And before you know it, you and your team will reach a level of success you never thought possible. From there, you can take your career wherever you want — a promotion, a new job, or keep feeling fulfilled in your current role. 

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Coaching works!

Coaching has been proven to help professionals to improve self-confidence, work performance, relationships and communication skills. And on average, companies that have used professional coaching for their staff report a seven-fold return on their investment. (ICF 2009)

Wouldn't you love to be experiencing those results in your life and work?

Unfortunately, many managers don't work for companies that are ready to invest in coaching. And most are so busy that committing to working with a coach just isn't possible right now. Still, becoming a better leader is the key to enjoying your work and being more successful. That's why we started Even Better! We want to help busy managers to become great leaders. In order to help them, we provide a variety of easy and affordable ways for managers to receive the benefits of coaching right now. From our audio coaching sessions to our automated 360 confidential review process, ebook guides, and video courses, we have everything you need to become a  manager and leader who gets great results from their team and loves their work!

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The best managers manage themselves.

Start improving today.
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