Become your own mechanic

Incorporating mindfullness into your fitness in your journey to become the person that you want to be is not easy. It takes practice to become fully aware of the dangerous feelings and actions which are manifestations of the person that you do not want to be without giving into additional negative emotions like disappointment, embarrassment, shame, guilt and even disgust. You must learn to see these as opportunities, much like your mechanic sees the areas of your car that need maintenance. You may look at the list he gives you of automotive parts that need to be replaced and have a surge of anxiety and stress. However, how does he feel as he looks your car over, seeking to find things that need attention? Is he anxious, worried? Not for a moment! He has the knowledge and ability to correct any problems that surface. In fact, the defects he discovers are opportunities for him. Opportunities to serve the owner of the automobile and to make money!

As you seek to become aware of areas of your life that need some corrective work, view each negative discovery as an opportunity to reap the future benefits of creating positive change. Fight the urge to give up or to give into negative feelings of disappointment. Eagerly look for opportunities to continue to fine-tune the person you are on the inside, with full confidence that you will soon possess all of the skills necessary to make any needed adjustments. Become a skilled detective seeking to gain expert insight into a complicated case: YOU. When you discover something you do not like, the inclinations of the person that you do not want to be, learn to savor the moment. Using the occasion to gather as much information as you can so that you can eventually solve the case. Giving this mindful attention to the inside is absolutely necessary to allow your outside to become and remain what you desire it to be.

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