Get Out of Your Own Comfort Zone

“Real results happen outside your comfort zone.”

“Stay comfortable and you’ll stay the same.”

“Your comfort zone is the killer of change.”


As fitness professionals, we love to take shots at the ol’ “comfort zone”… or at least those of other people. The truth is that many fitness pros are throwing stones at their clients’ comfort zones while they’re sitting in their own great, big, cushy sofa inside a glass house of comfort. And if you’re like me (and every other sentient creature on earth) then you enjoy your own comfort zone. In fact, when you’re there, you’re…well… comfortable. But here’s what you need to do to make sure your comfort zone isn’t holding you back from being successful in your fitness career.

Think outside of fitness

For starters, realize that the “rules” of comfort zones apply to everything in life, not just exercise and nutrition. Maybe you’ve got fitness locked in and can’t even imagine being more ripped and physically fit than you are at this moment. High five! You’ve mastered a minuscule part of making yourself a successful human being. For you to be successful as a fitness pro, you need to do more than show up to the gym with muscles beneath a skin tight t-shirt and Tupperware full of veggies.

You are likely stuck in your own comfort zone if you’re not:

  1. Sick and tired of inspiring every single person you speak with to start a never-ending quest toward becoming the best version of themselves

  2. Turning clients away because you have too many right now

  3. Worrying about what to do with all of your money (because you have way more than you need)

  4. Enjoying work relationships that are providing you with more meaning and fulfillment than you ever thought possible

  5. Constantly energized because of all of the fun projects that you are part of

Ask yourself: What’s next? How might I expand the influence that I have? How might I positively impact in the lives of others more consistently? Where would I love to be one year from today and what do I have to do right now to make sure that I’m on my way there?

Don’t just come up with an answer to those questions. Determine the best course of action to take and then get out of your comfy, cozy, status-quo, happy place and get moving.

The bottom line

If you’re being honest with yourself and you’ve been stuck in your own fitness pro comfort zone, congratulations! You’re human; you enjoy predictability and being safe. But you also know that playing it safe is threatening your success (and making you a hypocrite if you stay where you are and keep advocating against comfort zones).

I’ll leave you with one question: What will you do next to make sure that you smash through your comfort zone and continuing becoming even better?  


Nate Sleger is a coach, author, and the Director of a Personal Training department in Wisconsin’s lovely Fox River Valley area. He is also the owner and founder of Even Better Coaching, a company designed to support professional who help to improve the lives of others.

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