Managers, THIS is Your #1 Job

“Tomorrow, our job is to drink all day on the beach! It’s all we’ll worry about. That’s our whole job for tomorrow.”

Amanda and I were on vacation and connected with her great aunt and uncle for dinner. It was my first time meeting them.

We had a blast that night at dinner, We went out to a beachside seafood shack, Uncle Don introduced me to eating raw oysters, and at the end of the evening, he made the suggestion that I opened this post with.

Since then, Amanda and I joke all the time about what our “job” is for a certain day. (Let me mention here that we did not take on the job that was offered us for that day at the beach.)

Sometimes we say something like: “Tomorrow, our ‘job’ is to get the laundry done. That’s our only job.” Or: “It’s our ‘job’ today to take a nice walk by the lake and relax. That’s our job today.”

You get the point. It’s a fun way to highlight what our top priority is for a day.

It helps us to put things in proper perspective. It’s just one simple thing to get done for the day, come what may. And sure, we’ll get other things done, but no matter what, we have to get our “job” done.

And we always chuckle when we use this play on words because it reminds us of that first time that we heard Uncle Don say, “That’s our job!

Why in the world am I bringing this silly story up?

Because as managers, each and every day, you and I have only one job.

Sure, we have lots of different tasks that get assigned to us. And let’s face it, in a day’s time, we wear any number of different hats of responsibility. We are captains, listeners, directors, teachers, students, laborers, editors, writers, sales people, negotiators, public speakers, arbitrators, and on and on.

But when you boil it all down and make it really simple, what would you say is your number one job, day after day, no matter what?

Ready for it?

It’s to become better.

That’s it. That’s our only job today, tomorrow, and everyday thereafter.

Each of us must find a way to become better and bring the people around us along for the ride.

Don’t let the job overwhelm you, just make sure you improve over yesterday, and then little by little, you’ll unleash your full potential.

The key to doing your “job”

Now that you know what your real job is, you may be wondering how in the world you can make sure you’re doing your “job” (while at the same time doing all of the other stuff people are counting on you to get done.)

How can you make sure you’re actually improving???

Coaching is the answer. It’s a process which is focused upon your individual improvement, day after day, week after week.

When you are engaged in the coaching process, you will know when and where you’re making improvement because it will be an intentional and deliberate process.

You won’t wake up one day and think, “How did I get so far from being the person that I want to be?”

As a management coach, I’d be thrilled to help you in any way I can. However, whether you work with an expert coach or not, the best coach you can ever have is you.

For the clients I work with who make great progress, the real change comes from their own self-coaching.

As a manager, you owe it to your team and to yourself to become skilled at your #1 job—self-coaching.

Take control of your own improvement.


If you’d like to explore the world of self-coaching more fully, check out my Manager’s Self-Coaching Guide HERE for free.

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