Most Managers Don’t Know This and It’s Ruining Them

Most managers don’t know this, and it’s causing them tons of problems at work.

They think their job is to manage people. They even use phrases like “my people” or “my employees,” as though they own the staff that works with them.  

But the truth is, you can’t manage people. To “manage” anything means you can control it. And you can’t control people.

The only thing you can control is yourself… if you work hard at it. 


But if you aren’t managing people, then what are you managing?

Super Managers manager themselves.

The truth is, the best managers in the world are great at managing themselves. They work hard at controlling their thoughts, feelings, and actions.

They’re self-managers.

And they coach themselves to become better.

As a result, they influence the people around them to become better. They inspire positive changes in their team, in the people who report to them and their bosses.

But “Manager” is still part of your title, right? You’re accountable to get results and not just spend all your time improving yourself.

Don’t worry.

Self-coaching won’t take all of your time. You’ll still have plenty of hours left in the day for reports and meetings.

Expert self-managers make great leaders.

They don’t waste time trying to control other people.

It’s impossible anyway.

Instead, Super Managers coach their teams to bring out the best in them.

They get better results than the Monster Managers who keep trying to manage “their” people.

Your bosses might still think they hired you to be a people manager. But because you’ll be managing yourself, they won’t even realize how you’re managing to do so well.

You’ll be successful, feel fulfilled, and enjoy your life and work, all because you quit trying to manage people.

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