Questions, Snoozing, and Bridles

What’s your favorite?

How do you feel?

What were you thinking? (Every mom’s favorite)

A question is a potent and precious linguistic expression. By means of a question, a speaker takes his listener on a trip. The question can become a bridle in the attentive mind of his listener. For this reason, great teachers have long used questions to impart more than facts, but to teach their students how to think, to engage their minds, to get their mental gears turning. Questions are powerful tools that can change the state of a listener’s mind. However, some of the best questions you can ask are the questions you ask yourself.

Each of us can use questions to direct the thoughts of our own minds. In fact, becoming aware of the questions that you are already asking yourself throughout the day can be a huge step toward generating self-talk that helps you to produce the results you want when it comes to fitness and the rest of your life. For example, when you hit the snooze button on the alarm clock in the morning, if you “listen” very, very carefully, can you hear you asking you:

“How can I make this comfort last longer?”

“What reasons can I come up with right now that will allow me to postpone the start of the day?”

Maybe each time you hit that snooze button, you find yourself doing some quick math in your head, just to make sure you’ll still have enough time to get ready and make it to work without being late. Essentially, your math is an answer to the question:

How can I justify staying in bed a little longer?


Once a question in posed, your brain WILL find an answer. And therein lies the secret to using GOOD, EMPOWERING questions to control your mind and actions the way a rider controls the direction of her horse. In the moments that will truly contribute to you becoming the fit, healthy person you desire to be, ONLY ASK YOURSELF QUESTIONS THAT WILL MOTIVATE YOU TO ACT in ways that will help you reap the results you desire.

What if, instead of asking and finding the answer to “How can I justify staying in bed longer?” when the alarm went off, you asked yourself, “Why am I excited about starting the day right now?” or, “What am I looking forward to accomplishing this morning?” Find a question that requires a positive, empowering response from your mind, rather than one that will only give you negative answers, leading to negative decisions and later regret. Work hard to identify negative self-questioning and replace that behavior with positive self-talk and empowering questions. This will bring you one step closer to becoming the person you truly want to be.


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