Take Your Next Vacation NOW


For most, the answer generally has something to do with the word stress, or in the case of your vacation, a lack of stress.

Last summer, I had the privilege to attend a behavior change seminar conducted by a fitness industry titan, Fabio Comana. I wrote down an interesting statement that he made: “Stress isn’t killing us; failure to recover from stress is killing us.” In other words, we need more vacations!

Stress, or more appropriately, our attitude toward stress, has been found to be connected to tight muscles, back pain, high blood pressure, increased risk of type 2 diabetes, headaches, depression, decreased immunity, insomnia.

Rather than taking a one or two week trip away from your entire life, next time focus a stay-cation on one area of life that is causing you stress. This type of vacation is an easy way to try on new behaviors without having to commit to making a permanent lifestyle change. And, compared to traveling, it can be an inexpensive way to make a huge shift toward de-stressing.

Find an area that may be adding stress to your life and focus on adjusting it over the next week.

As your next vacation, consider taking one week away from:

  1. Staying up past your bed time (if you don’t have a bed time you need one)

  2. Working past quitting time- late night emails, messages and phone calls to co-workers

  3. Snoozing your morning alarm

  4. Foods that are known to cause inflammation- added sugars, grains, processed foods.

  5. Constant social stimulation- block out time each day from phone, apps, social media, tv, and/or internet.

  6. Caffeine

  7. Calorie laden drinks

  8. Allowing anxious thoughts to run unabated (when you catch the train on the wrong track, switch it)

Where will your next vacation take you?

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