The #1 Key to Transforming Yourself

The Top 6 Coaching Questions for Motivation (1)

If I haven’t told you lately, you’re awesome for being the type of person that cares about personal improvement. There are not enough people on earth like you.

Don’t stop. Never. Ever.

I know that becoming better is a beast. It’s lonely. And it’s frustrating. But that’s why we’re here right now, sharing this moment.

It’s process. You’re in it. And that’s amazing. 


Speaking of “process,” let’s cover the 3rd piece of the G.E.A.R. model for self-coaching: ACTION. (If you need to get caught up on the other steps check out my last couple of blogs posts.)

Action is what makes improvement possible.

It’s Hands down, the MOST IMPORTANT part of self-coaching, the #1 key ingredient to transforming yourself.

It’s the ONLY way you can actually get real RESULTS in becoming the person that you want to be.

Every single day, you either get better or you get worse.

Intentional action, after setting a specific goal and properly exploring it, is the ONLY THING that will allow you to take control of the process of change and to know, without a doubt, that you are moving toward improvement.

Every single day, you either become better or you get worse.


With your goal in mind, coach yourself by asking:

What might be the best action step that I can take on a regular basis to move just one, single step closer to being the person that I want to be?

When it comes to that step, what does 10 out of 10 success look like?

Who would I be becoming if taking that action were automatic and effortless?

When, in what way, and how often will I review my progress?

What might be the best way that I can hold myself accountable to taking that step?

You know the drill from here: take a few minutes to sit down and write out your answers to the bolded questions above.

If you can’t do it now, schedule a meeting with yourself in the next 24 hours to make it happen.

You got this.


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