The #1 Reason Why You Are Getting 💩 for Results

Have you ever feel like you’re working and working and not getting the results you want? Ever feel like you’re exhausted from “the grind,” but there’s just no light at the end of the tunnel? Getting frustrated?

Copy of Sick of getting for results_

I’ve felt that way too.

I’ve worked with lots of clients who have come to me feeling that way.

I’d love to share with you what I’ve found to be the best way to create a positive shift through coaching. Then, I’ll give you a game-changing assignment. Sound OK? 😁

(By the way, like all of our self-coaching methods, this one works no matter what change you want: fitness/weight loss, work/career, relationships, confidence, you name it.)

Here’s the deal: most of the time when we aren’t getting the results we want, it’s because we haven’t been crystal clear on what it actually is that we want. In other words, our goals, hopes, dreams, are just way too vague. 

And if you can’t see the target clearly, how in the world are you hoping to hit the bullseye?

When we know exactly what we’re looking for, our amazing brains have a way of finding out how to get it.


Near the start of every coaching session, and I mean EVERY SINGLE SESSION, good coaches cover get their client’s answer to this question: 

“What do you want?”

The reason? We need to get clear on what result we want in order to make sure we get it.

Answering that question primes your brain to figure out how to get the thing you want as quickly as possible. But if you don’t answer the question, then you’re just expecting your brain to find something somewhere in the universe to make you feel better. Your brain is pretty awesome, but it needs some parameters in order to devise solutions for you. Your job is to give as many parameters as possible.  

Bottom line: if you’re looking for better results, quit being so vague about what you want.

Self-coaching can help. Sit your butt down for 15 minutes as soon as possible and coach yourself to get moving in a clear direction. 

Answer the question: What do I want? (And maybe also: By when? How would I know that I succeeded in getting the thing I want? What would 100% success look like in this area? How would my life change? Who would I be then? Who else would be positively impacted by my having the change that I want?)

Seriously, SIT DOWN and do the work. No one will do it for you. 

Schedule this important meeting with yourself into your calendar just like you would any other vital appointment.

Finally, here’s some tough love: If you aren’t getting crystal clear on what you want, how can you be frustrated that you don’t have it? Let’s be honest, sometimes blaming other people and circumstances serves us better than sitting our own butts down and doing the work.  

You can do this.


Hey, after you sit down and do the work, if you find out that you want to celebrate with (or get some support from) someone, let me know. If you want some free coaching or other tools to become better, you can get it here.

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