The #1 Thing Not to do After You Hit Your Fitness Sales Goal

Pop quiz: You’re in a fitness sales position, selling either club memberships or personal training programs. Like most sales professionals, you have a monthly goal to meet. You’ve been firing on all cylinders this month and have been killing it! Congrats! As a result, you reach your goal with a whole week to spare…


Knowing that a brand new monthly goal is only 7 days away, how would you spend that week?

What if an interested prospect reached out to you about making a purchase during this final week of the month, how would you respond to their inquiry?


Have you ever been in a situation like this? The first inclination might be to “sandbag” any potential sales that are in the works during that final week of the month and then close those deals afterward. This way you’d get a jump start on the sales goal for the following month.

While this might make sense for selling in some industries, in fitness, you may want to think twice before slowing down after you hit your sales goal.

Why this is important

This is an incredibly important thing to consider because it gets right to the core of why you are in the fitness field and what it reveal about your character. Why do you show up to work in the first place? Is it to “sell” people and make money? Or is it to provide solutions that help people live better lives?

If you only come to work to make sales and money, no doubt this is already an intention that your prospects can sense, and it is already negatively affecting your success and reputation. Like the big kid in middle school who hasn’t yet discovered deodorant, your attitude stinks; you just might be the last to know that other people are reacting to it and moving away from you.

If, on the other hand, you genuinely want to help people live healthier, more satisfying lives, then there will be absolutely no time that you aren’t hustling to close a sale, for the sake of enriching the life of another human being with the beautiful fragrance of fitness. That’s just who you are.

Further, thinking: “I still want to help them… just in one week… so I can help myself too,” is just plain naive. If you’ve been in the fitness industry (or planet earth) for longer than a day, you know that the motivation to start a fitness routine strikes a human being about as often as Haley’s comet is visible in the night sky. Don’t squander an opportunity to help someone else seize this precious moment just so you can feel more secure about hitting your next sales goal. Chances are, they won’t come back to sign a deal next week.

Pedaling uphill

Every sales person who’s worth their weight in kettle bells knows that cultivating a trusting relationship and building rapport with another person in the arena of fitness can be like trying to break an skittish bronco: it takes a system and tons of work. And, like pedaling uphill, momentum can be lost quickly if you let up, even if it’s just to wait until the new goal period. Getting your sales process moving again after allowing your momentum to dissipate can be a huge drain on your time and energy.

The bottom line

“Sandbagging” sales may be common in other industries. But fitness is different. And that, after all, is why you’re here. Don’t take your foot off the gas just because you reach your goal. Don’t lose your momentum. It messes with your mojo. It can also hinder your ability to truly help each person you interact with. Which is why you show up to sell in the first place.

Don’t waste energy. Don’t squander time. Don’t miss opportunities. Stay true to your ultimate goal: improving the lives of others.


Nate Sleger is a coach, author, and the Director of a Personal Training department in Wisconsin’s lovely Fox River Valley area. He is also the owner and founder of Even Better Coaching, a company designed to support entrepreneurs in the health and wellness industry.

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