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If you’re like me, you LOVE to read about personal improvement and psychology. You enjoy learning about about motivation and efficiency.

But knowing everything there is to know about self-improvement doesn’t matter one bit if you don’t put it to use in your life. Right?

In fact, a lot of people know exactly what they need to do differently in order to improve their life.

It’s not a matter of needing more information.

It comes down to this: they simply don’t know how to get themselves to do the things they know they should be doing.

For example, over the years, I’ve worked with tons of people who want to lose weight. And they came looking for a magic pill or silver bullet for fat loss.

They didn’t get what they asked for because it didn’t exist.

The answers they were looking for they already had: eat veggies and move more.

They knew what they needed to do. They just didn’t know how to get themselves to do what they knew they should be doing.

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Then what in the world could I give them that they didn’t already have?

In a word, accountability. 

Over the past month, I’ve shared with you the best self-coaching method I’ve ever come across. 

I broke each of the 4 steps down for you and included self-coaching questions with each step. 

If you needed more information on how to coach yourself to make personal improvement, now you have it.

Today, I just wanted to follow up with 2 accountability questions. 

Sometimes I call these “tough love” questions because they can be tough to hear (and answer) but I ask them because I really care about the results that you and I are working together on. 

Here they are: 

  1. Did you do the work?

  2. In doing the work (or not doing the work), what did you learn about yourself?

If you did the work, keep it up. 

If you didn’t do the work, it’s OK. 

I’m not a police officer or your first grade teacher. I won’t issue you a citation or keep you after class. 

I’m just a coach. You’re the boss. 

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Sometimes what we learn about ourselves during self-coaching is this: We’re terrible at holding ourselves accountable. 

In other words, if it’s just you doing the work for you, you won’t get it done. 

Copy of Every single day, you either become better or you get worse. (4)

It can be a bitter pill to swallow, but if it’s true, it’s time to do something about it.

Perhaps one of the most important things you can use self-coaching for is to find better ways to hold yourself accountable.

Here are some powerful self-coaching questions that I put together for you to explore the topic of accountability more fully:

Get free coaching via email every week.

With my specific goal and daily action step(s) in mind, what might be some ways I can hold myself to taking the action steps?

How might I make use of an accountability partner?

Who might be someone that I can get involved as an accountability partner?

When will I commit to speaking to them to see if they are willing to help me?

If you decide to look for an accountability partner, you may be surprised to find out how excited someone who really cares about you will be to offer their support in your improvement.

_Will you be my accountability partner__

Another big surprise: how much getting someone else involved in the process will impact your motivation to follow through, take the actions that will make a difference, and get the results you really want.

We will almost always do more for others than we will do for ourselves because we don’t want to let someone else down.

Use that to your advantage.

You got this, but you don’t have to (nor should you) do this alone.

_Will you be my accountability partner__ (1)

P. S. If you love the idea of an accountability partner, but don’t know who to ask, leave a comment below, or message me on Instagram. Let’s get to work!

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