The Manager’s Secret to Getting Ahead

Being a manager is tough. I don’t have to tell you that. You do it every single day. You know the job is tough. 

And for nearly the last year, we’ve been managing in a brand new environment thanks to COVID-19.

Most of the managers that I’ve talked to feel overwhelmed, stressed out, and out of balance.

On top of all of that, many managers are expected to find ways to get great results out of their team, no matter what.

Some have even been told to be micro-managers, or they work for a boss that takes on that role for them.

If you’ve read my posts in the past, you know that my clients and I have found that the key to making improvement and feeling better about your work (and life) is to start coaching yourself.

Instead of trying to control the members of your team or wait for your boss to start being a better leader, you work best when you work hard at controlling yourself. 

And when you begin doing that, amazing things start to happen.

Managers that were unhappy with their work start feeling satisfied with their job again.

Those that felt stuck and unsure of the future get praised and promoted.

Some who feel like they’re in the wrong place, the wrong role, or the wrong company, find the courage to create alternatives and move on to other jobs, others passions, and even start their own companies.

How do those things sound to you?

The truth is, if you want something better, you have to start being better.

I know you want that; that’s why you’re reading this. That’s why you’re here now.

But maybe you’re wondering, HOW? How do I actually take control of myself and become better?

Are you ready for the answer?

You start.

That’s it. You have to get started somewhere, somehow. You have to decide to begin the work of becoming better.

American writer, Mark Twain, said, ““The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

I don’t know about you, but taking a good look at myself as a manager and figuring out where and how to get started can seem like an overwhelming task.

And that’s probably why most managers don’t ever try to become better — they’re already overwhelmed with the tasks they have to do! They can’t imagine taking on another overwhelming task.

But this is a task you cannot afford NOT to take on.

Not only that, I promise you that any time, money, and effort you spend on becoming a better manager is an investment. Becoming better is an investment that always pays you back in the future, 100% of the time.

OK. I hope now you’re committed to becoming better and you’re ready to get started. So, what’s next? Would you like to know the secret of getting started?

Mr. Twain’s thought from above finishes this way: “The secret of getting started is breaking your complex, overwhelming tasks into small manageable tasks, and then starting on the first one.”

I shared that with you because I’m a manager myself. I’m also a coach who works with managers to help them to be better managers. In my work individually and with other managers, I’ve found those words to be 100% accurate.

To become a better manager, you have to break the process down into smaller parts and then pick one part to work at improving. That’s it. It’s not complicated.

But here’s the problem for most managers: they don’t ever go through that process.

If you asked them, “Do you want to enjoy your work more fully? Do you want to be more effective?” every manager on earth would say “YES.” But if you then asked them what they’re actually working on improving, they wouldn’t have an answer.

And that’s a HUGE problem. Because if they don’t have at least one thing they are actually working on improving about themselves as a manager, NOTHING will improve. (And if it seems like they are being successful, it’s an accident.)

If you’re going to improve, you need to take the time to choose something to really work on. When you do that, something incredible happens.

When you’re specific about something you want, your brain will notice.

Not only that, when you tell your brain something is important by thinking about it over and over, your brain will start to notice patterns in the world around you which connect you to ways to get that important thing. Things will start to come to your attention which will help you.

For example, have you ever noticed that when you’ve decided to buy something specific, like a certain car, phone, jacket, or handbag, you start noticing other people who already have the item or the brand you want?

Maybe you’ve even asked them where they got it, how much they paid for it, or if they’re happy with it.

And before you were interested in making that purchase, those items were in the world around you, you didn’t NOTICE them. Because your brain didn’t know they were important, it didn’t bring them to your attention.

We can get our brains working for us in a similar way to help us to become better managers.

But you have to be very specific about exactly what you want to work on improving.

Then your brain will help bring to your attention all the ways you can get what you want.

It will help you start finding solutions that will work for you. 

The question is, will you do the work it takes? Will you decide what you need to work on first? Will you get started?

If you do, you will move ahead.

You will grow.

You will become better and better.

And you’ll enjoy your life and work more and more.

Are you ready to get started right now? Good.

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Nate Sleger is a career manager, management coach, and author of The Manager’s Self-Coaching Guide. His course Show Up At Work Like A Superhero has been taken by hundreds of managers worldwide. He currently lives and works in Wisconsin, USA.

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