What’s the Secret to Staying Motivated?

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During a recent Q and A session after a talk, I got a really intriguing question from one member of the audience:

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“How do you keep your initial motivation from disappearing after a while?”

And this is a such a beautiful and sincere question. After all, doesn’t it strike to the heart of why most of the January 1, 2020, New Year’s fitness resolutions are already long forgotten? Getting a gym membership or a shiny new piece of workout equipment isn’t the answer to getting results.

Being 100% honest, I blew my response. Sadly, I was in “business mode” and gave a response that focused on the benefits of having someone (like me) in your corner to support you. 🤦‍♂️

While I do (of course) firmly believe in that response, in the days following that presentation, I kept thinking about that question.

The truth is, there was something much more powerful that can help you to make sure that your initial motivation gets you to where you need to go.

And it’s something that will serve you in self-coaching, whether your goals are around fitness, being a better leader at work, or something else.

How can you make sure you stay motivated for the long haul?

The best answer is:

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Well designed action steps are the key to making sure that your initial motivation isn’t just a flurry of activity over a short period of time which then dies and leaves you feeling frustrated and stuck.

What do such action steps look like?

They look like small things you can permanently change in your life that you are 100% sure will move you closer to your goals.

They become like the sharp edge of an iron wedge that, when pushed into a crack in a huge piece of timber, creates a huge split that runs the length of the entire log.

splitting wedge

Image by Bernd Prokop from Pixabay

Taking action will leave your life permanently altered. It brings you closer to Hero You.

But, that change will not happen unless you do something differently than what you used to do and keep doing it.

And the best news is, you don’t have to make a HUMONGOUS, MASSIVE adjustment to see real results. Something small will do, as long as it’s a real change in action.

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So, the next time you feel motivated to make a big change, use that feeling to figure out what small thing you feel comfortable to permanently changing in your life.

Make sure it’s something that you feel 10 out of 10 confident will take you closer to your goals.

Then commit to changing it once and for all, without looking back.

The results will astound you.

And seeing results will motivate you to continue to stick to the change you made, and maybe even to make another change… and then another and another. And… you get the idea.

Here are some self-coaching questions to get you rolling:

What area of your life would you like to improve?

Why is this so important to you?

What does 10 out 10 success look like for you in that area?

What might be the teeniest, tiniest, littlest, itty bitty change that you can commit to permanently making in your life which you know will move you closer to that goal?

When will you start?

How can you hold yourself accountable to taking this action step?

If you have something really important in your life that you must change to become Hero You (and I know you do), take some time right now to sit down and journal the answers to those self-coaching questions or grab your phone and schedule 15 minutes to do it within the next 24 hours.

You can do this. Start now.

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